Monday, March 1, 2010

First Day

That's my Lady.

and that's me...

Together we have a dream, a world journey: 2 eyes and 2 world to discover...millions of things to see.

This should be a real World Tour on my motorcycle.
Hard to start and complete right now in the real, it will start here, as a research, documentary work , knowing that, someday, it will mean so much help.

My real tour should be ended by what the eye will capture ...meaning, a photography exhibition.

So, i start my travel here...trying to imagine how it should be, learning everyday about the places i would like to discover. I will be protected by the rain or the wind, my hand will not freeze, i will be away from the danger...feeling no muscular pain ...without beeing lost or helpless, with no need of gas or oil for my lady, no crashes , no troubles ... But this is what i will miss most , those are exactly the most beautiful elements, together with the real feelings ...with joy, gratitude and the freedom that an experience like this could mean.

day 1, monday, march 1, 2010

Bucharest,Romania, SE Europe.

My wish is to not have a known itinerary, but to complete my ideal map day by day.
At the end of my journey, i will have my map.

so...i'll set directions on every continent, but i will save the pleasure of discovering , enjoying day by day.
This will not be a "touristical" experience. My point is not just to mark capitals or tourist attractions. I want to give attention to wild nature, the best routes, to discover the unusual of every country, the real culture and life, the strangeness , the particularity...


  1. Inca un cutezator, ca tine :)

  2. I wish you to make good you wish...
    I will be 'with' you...
    I wish you to be 'there'...
    I wish I will be 'there'...

  3. sorry, an 'r' is missing...
    I wish you to make good your wish... :)

  4. Thank you, Adrian !
    i wish too!...

    Dia, diferenta e ca Mihai Barbu chiar a reusit , felicitari lui! Iti multumesc ca esti pe "aici" :)