Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dobrogea is a historical region shared by Bulgaria and Romania, located between the lower Danube river and the Black Sea, including the Danube Delta, Romanian coast and the northernmost part of the Bulgarian coast. With the exception of the Danube Delta, a marshy region located in its northeastern corner, Dobruja is hilly, with an average altitude of about 200–300 metres. The highest point is in the Ţuţuiatu (Greci) Peak in the Măcin Mountains, having a height of 467 m.
This is a windy region once known for its windmills. About 85–90% of all days experience some kind of wind, which usually comes from the north or northeast. The average wind speed is about twice higher than the average in Bulgaria. Due to the limited precipitation and the proximity to the sea, rivers in Dobruja are usually short and with low discharge. However, the region has a number of shallow seaside lakes with brackish water.

The roads are in very good condition, sometimes paved with stones and offer a variety of landscapes and an incredible peacefull feeling.
For those that have touring motorcycles or just love the offroad adventure, this region is great and can offer you amazing senzations and views.
Going from Bucharest to A2 autobahn, i will have, as target for today , Enisala historical place and Medgidia for the night. There are only 356 km to Medgidia, but the road i choose is not simple and i prefere to explore the place around.
The gas could become a probleme in those parts, so , i decide to fill my tank at the start point of A2 and take, also, a reserve with me. I put my camera around and hit the road!
I follow A2 until Lehliu-Gara. Here i turn to left and i go to Salcioara, Slobozia Veche, Harsova, the old Carsium.

The road is green and peaceful. You can have a stop at Harsova...once a harbour. You can enjoy a unique landscape, having a view at the Canaralele Harsovei, jurassinc limestone containing coral fossils, old calcar quarry on the danube river, and the historical Roman fortress- Carsium, dating from 103 AD.

Going further to Topolog , i start searching the Natural Reserved area Dealul Bujorului, 4 km N-E from Atmagea place . This is a protected plant and all her beauty could be seen in may.

Going back to Babadag , i cross the Dobrogea Forest and finally reached the town on the shores of the Lake Babadag ("Father's Mountain") spreads along the hills and valleys of Sultantepe, Coiun-Baba and Carada.

You can see here the 17th century Ali-Gazi Pasha Mosque , with General Ali-Gazi Pasha's tomb.

Along the way , the houses of lipovenian-russian people will attract your attention, with their bright coloured white/ blue walls and reed roofs.

Somewhere between Babadag lake and the big Reazim Lake , i finally discover The Medieval Genoese Fortress of Enisala.

The view is breathtaking ...

Back on the road, so i can get to today’s destination-Murighiol, the fishermans village. I go across the Razelm Lake, distracted by the beautiful views.

If you have few days, from here you can explore some amazing parts of the Danube Delta.
You can choose to camp or you can stay at one of the old , pitoresque house.

Still a lot to explore and see...

Day3,March 4, 2010

Vizualizare hartă mărită

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chapter I

Across Europe

Europe's population is superior to 822 million inhabitants and includes a large number of ethnic groups. The continent occupy approximately one-fifteenth of the world's total land area and is the home of a distinctive civilization.

My start point is , of course, my hometown, Bucharest,capital city of Romania.
We are located in SE and Central Europe, N-th of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea.Almost all of the Danube Delta is located within its territory and, over 50% of its area was placed on the World Heritage List in December 1991.
Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the West, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the Northeast, and Bulgaria to the South.Romania is the largest country in southeastern Europe and the twelfth-largest in Europe.

I decide to start by going to Dobrogea Region and then cross the border to Bulgaria.

Bucuresti- sf Andrei Monastery and Cave, Enisala, ,Capul Dolsman, Padurea Hagieni,Neptun ,Techirghiol Lake, Vama Veche- Bulgarian border point .

More than 300 days of sunshine a year, long and warm autumns and cool winds from the Black Sea make this region ideal for the production of sweet dessert wines such as late harvest Chardonnay and Pinot, One stop at the Murfatlar Vineyard, also.

Around Europe

day2, March 2,2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

First Day

That's my Lady.

and that's me...

Together we have a dream, a world journey: 2 eyes and 2 world to discover...millions of things to see.

This should be a real World Tour on my motorcycle.
Hard to start and complete right now in the real, it will start here, as a research, documentary work , knowing that, someday, it will mean so much help.

My real tour should be ended by what the eye will capture ...meaning, a photography exhibition.

So, i start my travel here...trying to imagine how it should be, learning everyday about the places i would like to discover. I will be protected by the rain or the wind, my hand will not freeze, i will be away from the danger...feeling no muscular pain ...without beeing lost or helpless, with no need of gas or oil for my lady, no crashes , no troubles ... But this is what i will miss most , those are exactly the most beautiful elements, together with the real feelings ...with joy, gratitude and the freedom that an experience like this could mean.

day 1, monday, march 1, 2010

Bucharest,Romania, SE Europe.

My wish is to not have a known itinerary, but to complete my ideal map day by day.
At the end of my journey, i will have my map.

so...i'll set directions on every continent, but i will save the pleasure of discovering , enjoying day by day.
This will not be a "touristical" experience. My point is not just to mark capitals or tourist attractions. I want to give attention to wild nature, the best routes, to discover the unusual of every country, the real culture and life, the strangeness , the particularity...